Keyless Locking Devices

Ubet Keyless Locking Devices are used in rotating machinery, producing clamping pressure between surface of locking device and shaft to create adjustable and releasable mechanical connection, so as to clamp gears, pulleys and other components to a shaft without threads or keys. 


Ubet KLD Locking Devices are interchangable with Chinese standard Z types, BIKON types,BEA BK types,BONFIX CCE types,Challenge types ,Chiaravalli RCK types, Compomac CONEX types,Fenlock FLK types,ITALBLOCK CN types,KTR types,KINLOK LOK  types,KANA  types,MAV  types,POGGI CAL types, Ringfeder RFN types, Ringspann RLK types,Ringblok  types,SIT  types,SATI KL types,TOLLOK TLK types,Tsubaki  types,TAS-SchaferTAS types, V-BlokVK types,Walther Flender MLC types,Fenner Drive B-Loc B types,LoveJoy SLD types, SKF FX types,Ondrives OKBS types,Transdev DRIVELOCK types  


Raw materials :

Steel C45E, 42CrMo4V, and Stainless Steel. 



Burnishing, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating  



1. Connect hubs solidly to shafts

2. Easy installation and disassembly

3. High torque transmission

4. Long lifetime and easy maintenance

5. Low notching effect

6. Reduction of wear and tear of expensive machine components