Torque Limiter

In case of sudden loading, over loading or power off in transmission system, Ubet Torque Limiter will slide automatically to protect the equipment. When the loading come back to normal, the device will automatically work again without adjusting or setting. Ubet Torque limiter operates through the spring mounted upon the friction facing. The sliding torque can be preset by adjusting the nut or bolt. The torque limiter can be sued matching with the center parts clamped closely between tow friction faces, such as sprockets, gears, pulleys or flanges.


Comparing with one-time safety pin system, Ubet Torque Limiter operates in line with appropriate spring loading and surface pressure to ensure the comparatively longer sliding time, recovering the presetting, and longer and continual protection as well.


Ubet Torque Limiter is widely used in baking, bottling, food processing, machine tool, material handling, mining, packaging or printing industries.





1.      precise overload protection

2.      easy manual adjustment

3.      factory torque setting available

4.      bored to fit for easy installation


Sizes and types:

UTL50-1; UTL50-2;

UTL65-1; UTL65-2;

UTL89-1; UTL89-2;

UTL127-1; UTL127-2;

UTL178-1; UTL178-2;