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Customized Components made to order

OEM parts can be machined, forged and casting.
Hardening and Tempering; Quenching; High frequency quenching; Carburizing and quenching
inner hole≥5mm, outside diameter ≤800mm
spline; straight keyway; spline keyway
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Product Description

ProcessEquipmentPrecision   DegreeMachining range
Blank MakingResin   bonded sand production line;Vertical parting flaskless molding line,146   opening production line;Electric furnace; Furnace cupola; Guillotine   shear,Punching machine; Forge rolling machine; Precision die forging machine;precision   cast; precision forging; precision moldingAll   sorts of casting and forging parts
Heat   TreatmentVertical   furnace; Speckled furnace;High frequency quenching furnaceMaterial   hardness transformationHRC1Hardening   and Tempering; Quenching; High frequency quenching; Carburizing and quenching
MachiningPrecise   NC machineDimesion   tolerance 6 degree; Roughness Ra0.8; Roundness,straightness and concentricity   accuracy0.01mminner   hole5mm, outside diameter 800mm
Grinding machiningNC   excircle grinding machine; Surface grinding machineDimesion   precision 5 degree; Roughness Ra0.4Outside   diameter 3mm to 320mm
Teeth-profile MakingNC   gear hobbing maching; gear slotting machineRoughness   Ra1.6; Concentricity 0.05Maximum   module M=10, OD1800mm
Hobbing and drillingCNC   machine;drilling machine;NC milling machineHole   dimesion tolerance 6 degree; positioning accuracy 0.05Workbench   leghth 1650mm; width 852mm; minimum diameter 1mm
Other   MachiningHydraulic   broaching machine; sawing machine; punching machine; lather labeling machinekeyway   tolerance 7 degree; symmetry degree 0.05spline;   straight keyway; spline keyway
Surface   Treatmentpolishing   machine; plating production line; spray-painting line;coating line;oxidizing   line; phosphating lineIn   accordance with European standard RoHS.Surface   polishing; Cr6+free zinc plating,Nickle hard chromium; Decorative chrome   plating;Nickle;Paiting; phosphating; AnodizingblackeningDacrotized

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