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Keyless Locking Device

Unik Keyless Locking Devices are used in rotating machinery, producing clamping pressure between surfaces of locking device and shaft to create adjustable and releasable mechanical connection, so as to clamp gears, pulleys and other components to a shaft without threads or keys. Locking Devices are also known as Keyless Shaft Locking Devices, Locking Assemblies; Shrink Discs and Keyless Rigid Couplings, Shaft Clamping Elements, Cone Clamping Ring, Power Lock.


· True zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection 

· Easy installation and disassembly

· High torque transmission 

· Long lifetime and easy maintenance

· Low notching effect

· Reduction of wear and tear of expensive machine components


· Carbon Steel with tempering and quenching 

· Roughness of Premium Locking device parts is: Ra 0.8 till 1.6 µm

· Material Stainless Steel is available upon request

· DIN912-12.9 Locking Screws

· Shaft Hub tolerance H8

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Rooms 1318-19, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok Kowloon, H.K.

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