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This type of Clamping Discs are typically used to clamp thin walled hubs to the shaft. The three-part shrink disk set has no self-locking taper when the flange is released. The design permits the use of large diameter shafts with small hub sizes, and it's popular for connection of large sprocket and pulleys. KLD-14 interchange with RFN4071 TLK603 KLPP MCL9050 SLD900 KTR603 KBS19 MAV2008 RLK603 SIT11 KB19 RCK19 CCE8000
  • KLD-14
  • Unik

Product Description


  • High toruqe

  • No axial hub movement

  • Prefered solution for coupling hub and hollow shaft gearbox

  • Smart-Lock Schrumpfscheibe

  • screws DIN 931/933 grade 10.9 for Shrink Disc,

  • connect hollow and solid shafts frictionally and backlash-free

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