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Timing Pulley Bar Stock

Timing Pulley Bars are available in types of teeth profile. Unik Machinery produce Timing Bar MXL XL L T2.5 T5 T10 AT5 AT10, Material in Steel and Aluminum.
  • Timing Pulley Bar Stock

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Product Description

Belt SectionPitchOuter DiameterBelt WidthTooth Depth
Trapezoidal teeth shape pulley as per DIN 7721. Pitch geometry   can be as follows, with as low as zero backlash and high power transmission.T2.5 Timing   Pulley2.300 mm0.51   mm4,6,10 mm0.75 # 1.00 mm
T5 Timing Pulley6.000   mm0.85   mm6,10,16,25   mm1.25   # 1.95 mm
T10 Timing Pulley10.000   mm1.90   mm16,25,32,50   mm2.60   # 3.40 mm
T20 Timing Pulley20.000   mm2.90   mm - 3.2 mm16,25,32,50,75,100   mm5.20   # 6.30 mm
AT3 Timing Pulley3.000   mm0.42   mm6,10,16,25,32   mmN.A.
AT5 Timing Pulley5.000   mm1.20   mm10,12,25,32.50   mmN.A.
AT10 Timing Pulley10.000   mm1.85   mm10,16,25,32,50,75,100   mmN.A.
AT20 Timing Pulley20.000   mm2.90   mm - 3.2 mm16,25,32,50,75,100   mmN.A.

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